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Roxy by Blodhramr Roxy :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 1 0 Husky by Blodhramr Husky :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 2 0 Golden Retriever and Koala by Blodhramr Golden Retriever and Koala :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 2 0 Andy by Blodhramr Andy :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 6 2 Mimi by Blodhramr Mimi :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 0 0 Toby by Blodhramr Toby :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 2 6 Anime Avengers: Loki by Blodhramr Anime Avengers: Loki :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 42 5 Gunslinger by Blodhramr Gunslinger :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 2 1 I Am A Stone by Blodhramr I Am A Stone :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 4 2 Gunnar Dog by Blodhramr Gunnar Dog :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 19 3 Computer Background 4 by Blodhramr Computer Background 4 :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 1 0 Background 3 by Blodhramr Background 3 :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 0 1 Computer Background: Green by Blodhramr Computer Background: Green :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 0 0 Computer Background: Blue by Blodhramr Computer Background: Blue :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 2 1 Vision of Death by Blodhramr Vision of Death :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 4 5 Lloyd by Blodhramr Lloyd :iconblodhramr:Blodhramr 13 4


Nightmare by Ashitaro Nightmare :iconashitaro:Ashitaro 2,155 99 Jack Frost's hoodie - TUTORIAL by Gekroent Jack Frost's hoodie - TUTORIAL :icongekroent:Gekroent 1,137 146 Fem!Hic: Itchy Armpit it is! by AvannaK Fem!Hic: Itchy Armpit it is! :iconavannak:AvannaK 410 65 Be optimistic! by LilBumbleBear Be optimistic! :iconlilbumblebear:LilBumbleBear 194 50 To Thine Own Self Be True by frogsfortea To Thine Own Self Be True :iconfrogsfortea:frogsfortea 321 157 Toothless Plush (After adding more stuffing) by ProjectToothless Toothless Plush (After adding more stuffing) :iconprojecttoothless:ProjectToothless 178 70 Mourning by Develv Mourning :icondevelv:Develv 163 33
Jumper [Human!Smaug/Reader]
"Th-they've kicked me o-out," you cry as soon as you walk into the great chamber, frantically wiping your eyes while you stumble down the crumbling stairs. You step heavily into the gold, walking aimlessly forward until that whom you seek speaks, voice echoing slightly in the vast room.
Despite being loud, his voice is deep and gentle when he speaks to you, inquiring, "Who kicked you out, pet? What has happened?"
You sniffle, rubbing your [e/c] eyes until they ache, and wipe your nose with the back of your wrist before answering, "My village… they've found out that I've been visiting you, Smaug… they said that I would bring damnation to all the people, that you would kill them. Oh Smaug, why would they think that? You're so kind, so gentle! I-I just don't know why they've banished me for befriending you… My own mother and father would not hug me goodbye. I don't know if I can stand it, Smaug; I loved them so dearly and they dropped me in the blink of an eye. I don'
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 240 63
No Mercy [Smaug/Reader]
A/N: Guys, you are not being shipped with a dragon, I promise.  It's not some creepy relationship.  It is safe to read.  No dragon x person sexy-time.  Just a backup thief and a dragon grumpy for being woken up.  It's cool.  xD
I can not believe that they've sent me in here alone with absolutely no warning.' You think to yourself glumly, heart pounding hard in anger and fear.  You're nearly afraid that that will wake the dragon and not your footsteps that will soon be accompanied by the loud jangle of coins.  You don't see a dragon anywhere though; it must be quite a small pest if you can't see it in this room.  You stifle a chuckle at the thought of a tiny dragon hiding behind a pillar or mound of gold.  Your smile falls when you think of any dragon burning you to a crisp because it woke to the sound of your laughter.
With that image plaguing your mind, you take a first, extra-cautious step int
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 74 25
Hard Times by frogsfortea Hard Times :iconfrogsfortea:frogsfortea 322 143 Marvel: Agent of Agony by nowwheresmynut Marvel: Agent of Agony :iconnowwheresmynut:nowwheresmynut 291 45 Rose Key by TimeTurbine Rose Key :icontimeturbine:TimeTurbine 2,750 167 Little Loki In Slumerberland by frogsfortea Little Loki In Slumerberland :iconfrogsfortea:frogsfortea 296 119 All Gathered Together by Gabriella92 All Gathered Together :icongabriella92:Gabriella92 170 56
A Clever Trick [Loki x Reader] (Part 15)
It seems like you wait hours to hear the wet "sshhhllk" of blade tearing through flesh, but there is no dull thud, no sound of a head dropping to the floor, and you peek your eyes open to see Thor blocking Loki's neck with Mjolnir.  You want to cry.  You want to laugh.  You settle for clasping your hands tightly and hope no one notices your steadily growing grin.  
"You fools," he bellows, brows furrowing, "you heard this clever girl speak, but didn't listen.  She's right; he should get nothing less than he deserves.  But also nothing more.  He has committed offenses against the Jotuns and therefore us by nearly causing war, for his attack on the city of New York, and hiding Odin away to claim the throne.  
"They were acts committed by a power-hungry trickster and should not be overlooked.  But perhaps these past two can be.  As Lady [y/n] said, she was not kidnapped and no one was harmed, and on top of that, he saved her from certain d
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 41 23
Who Hurts Me
It was a hot day in Asgard, and I chose to wear the flowing-sleeved dress that Jane had lent me. It was a gorgeous gown – pale blue and tight-fitting, with a leather girdle decorated in elegant Asgardian runes. As I strolled through one of the lush palace gardens, I couldn’t help but smile and spin in tight circles, sending the skirt belling out and swirling around my ankles. For the moment, Thanos was held at bay, Hel was staying quiet, and I could let the weight fall from my shoulders for at least a couple hours.
There was a shaded overlook ahead, holding a marble bench and enclosed in thick, rose-like plants that crept up the pillars and hung from the beams, suffusing the air with a fragile fragrance. Seeking a respite from the relentless suns, I ducked into the shade and sat upon the cool bench.
I must have dozed off in that comfort, because when a throat was cleared and I opened my eyes, Loki had made himself comfortable on the overlook’s railing across from me.
:iconmonstaccato:monstaccato 12 5


Hey guys. Long time, no see. So as the title of this journal entry suggests, I'm not doing too good.

I mean my life is great. I'm almost 19, I have a decent job (I work at a doggy daycare), I just got my liscense and a car, plenty of food and my parents aren't telling me to move out yet. But where I've only had one anxiety attack in my entire life up until recently, I've had 4 in the past week.

There's really nothing I should be worriying about, but for some reason I am completely stressed out.

I'm having trouble falling asleep, my brain feels foggy, I'm getting headaches, and I feel tense and jumpy, especially at work (again, I work with adorable doggies. That should be the opposite of stressful). And my boss is great, but everytime he asks how I'm doing I feel as though I'm about to start crying.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm starting to think I may have to quit my job, but that really isn't an option as I do need the money. I just don't know if it's worth it, or if this will go away. If it doesn't, I don't know how much more I can take.

What did I do to deserve this...?

PS: Sorry. You probably have your own problems to deal with, without havin to hear mine.

PPS: Check out these "aesthetically challenged mugs."…


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I am at my best when the moon is above me. Stars represent past mistakes and I learn quickly. I am quiet and usually keep to myself. I dream in color, and most often dream of the future. I love high places - they give me a vantage point. I am not afraid to hold back my emotions, no matter how hurtful they may be. I have few friends, but I like it that way. I don't really care about what others think of me.
I will never give up without a fight.
I am who I am, and I will not change for anyone. If you don't like me, that's your problem.

"Remember the Past, Revel in the Present, Fear not the Future."


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